5. Branson West: Frustration

I want to send another letter but can’t. I have battled for hours to learn how to **compress** my many photos into a zip file so I can email them without jamming everyone’s in box. I am still stuck and ready to throw in the technological towel. I’d rather mop up puddles of rain in my tent with a bandana handkerchief than sit in a noisy Macdonald’s mucking around with a computer program that won’t do for me what it’ll do for anyone else. I’ve been here all day in Lakeside — or Branson West, MO, as the locals call it — first drying all my gear at the laundromat. It poured rain for hours last night and all morning. The 5-year-old fly on my tent doesn’t keep the water out anymore. The manufacturer has sent a new one to an outdoor store in Jonesboro, Arkansas. But I have to get there first. After the laundromat, I’ve spent hours — not for the first time on this trip — trying to figure out how to compress photo images. I want to get away from this mess now and peddle for a couple hours anyway. Don’t know when I’ll be able to send my already written letter with pictures. I am sick of fighting with this stupid / “miraculous” technology. I will get away on my bike for a while — into the Ozark Plateau of northern Arkansas — for a few days, until I’ve calmed down enough to look for another wifi spot and try again. Maybe. Or maybe I’ll just give up on the travel log nonsense. I didn’t come all the way out here to hassle with computers. I get enough of that at home. It’s supposed to get down into the forties here tonight, but the sun will be out tomorrow. So long for now.



p.s. I will take the liberty (again) of attaching 2 photos now, hoping they don’t clog anyone’s mailbox. One is from breakfast at Lola’s in Nixa, MO, yesterday morning. The other is my lovely hilltop campsite yesterday evening — before the wind came up and the clouds opened.


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