17. Lawrenceburg: FWD (to a fellow Cardinal fan)

Monday morning, October 10th

I came across a golf style country club on the far west end of Lawrenceburg around 5:30 — just in time to watch the Cardinals fall apart. Yuck.

By the time I finished my h-burger & beer and got out of there, it was time to find a place to spend the night.

Fortunately, just a short ways up the road, there was a large patch of woods behind the Turner Correctional Faci… I mean Elementary School. I cranked my alarm back to super early. I don’t want to get caught lurking around the bushes, in my ripe underwear and unshaven, anyplace where little kids are gathered. Most likely some busybody would call the police and I’d get slowed up answering a lot of unfriendly questions.

I stopped at the McDonalds by the first major crossroads in town. I’m careful to log on with my Jersey State Unemployment Site every two weeks — hoping to collect what’s left in my account after I get back.

No, I’m not “available for work” or “actively searching.” I’m on spiritual vacation. I didn’t have any trouble taking a two-week hiatus in April, when I visited Mom, or a year earlier in August, when I cycled the Eerie Canal & later spent a week with my old army pal in the Rockies.

I’d prefer not to lose this nice supplement to my Social Security, modest though it be. If I lose it — “ni modo,” as the Mexicans say. But I think there’s a good chance I won’t.

I’m going out of my way today, through the fairly large town of Frankfort, so I can tap into the only bicycle shop I’m likely to encounter for many miles now, and slap a new tire on the rear end of my mount. The one I started out with has done great, taken a real pounding, but it’s starting to look pretty bald.

Once I get beyond Paris — late today or tomorrow — along 460, I’ll angle across the state towards Pikeville, through the most remote areas I’m likely to see on the whole ride, mainly in the Daniel Boone National Forest.

I’m going to stock up on victuals too, while I can, as I didn’t pack my hunting bow, and I don’t expect to find many cozy diners like I did yesterday — with wifi and a proprietor who acted like my second mother, hardly charging me anything for a super breakfast — even packing me a lunch for the road!

So if I’m offline for a while, get on google earth, check out the topography of eastern Kentucky, and you’ll understand why.

I won’t slow down anymore to follow the Cardinals. But I’m definitely rooting for them. Thanks for the update.

Ciao for now.

  • #8429 – Lawrenceburg Elementary Gulag. With accommodating patch of woods to the rear. First two cars out front in the pre-dawn light, setting the wheels of the old mind mill in motion, just as Bob is slipping away. 
  • #8431 – On the highway to meet the dawn. Earliest start yet. Rolling at half-past six. 

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