9. Yellville: Breakthrough

24 Sep


It looks like I’ve succeeded in setting up a blog. Thus I’ve outflanked the insurmountable difficulties in compressing and emailing my many photos.


I’ve got my long Missouri letter posted, in two parts, interspersed with a few dozen photos.

Read “Present Moment” first – it’s at the bottom of my page – and “Retrospective” after that.

I’ve spent most of the day in Yellville now – first at the public library, then when they closed at 2 p.m., I moved up the road to the Front Porch Restaurant, where my kind librarian, Anita, also works as a waitress. She told me there’s free wifi here, where I could continue my work. She also sympathized over how maddening computer technology can be.

So I finished up my work at last. The blog spot is rudimentary, but I can spiff it up later. Meanwhile, it’ll serve well enough as a way of posting my journal and pictures.

This is a big hurdle for me to clear. Now at last I can concentrate more on my cycling.

All I have to do is finish my sandwich and get out of here.

I find myself sobbing again at a restaurant table as I look at that picture of me and Tom together, almost two weeks ago now, while listening through my ear buds to Sissel’s interpretation of “Shenandoah,” with the nice instrumentals and deeply lyrical words about crossing that great River in the heartland of my country, where both Tom and I grew up, and where we’ve both returned, albeit in different modalities and at different stages of our respective journeys.

Maybe I can still crank out another ten miles today. The sky is steely gray and it’s cool – at least here in the restaurant, as I look out the window at Hwy 62.

I expect rain tomorrow but don’t much care. I’m so glad I’ve got the problem with my photos and journal postings under control. That’s progress enough for today.

Next major stop is Jonesboro, where Cascade Designs has shipped a new rain fly for my tent. By Monday or Tuesday, it ought to be waiting for me at an outdoor store in the center of town.


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